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Pan-Fried ... errr ... WHAT???

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Ok, I've been grossing people out with this at home ever since I found it this past Friday.

Ever since I started writing this book on Michigan Cuisine, Mary and I have been on the lookout for unique culinary experiences within the state. This past Friday at Cabela's I picked up a cookbook that probably has one of the more unique recipes I've ever seen.

Remember the old Life cereal commercial? The one with Mikey? "I'm not gonna try it. You gonna try it?" "I'm not gonna try it." "Let's get Mikey." "Yeah." "He will eat it. He'll eat anything."

I doubt even Mikey would try this one.

The cookbook in question is Dixie Dave's Wild Game Recipes - 4th Edition. At his Old Dixie Inn, Chef Dixie Dave Minar specializes in wild game dishes, including things like Nutty Snapper with Bananas, Smoked Barbecue Salmon with Apples, Goose with Apricot & Nut Stuffing, Squirrel Chasseur, and Cinnamon & Cider Rabbit.

I wasn't quite ready, though, for the title on page 167. Pan Fried Testes.

No, he's not joking. Really, he's not.

This recipe is one of the few in the book that has an intro. Here it is:

"This part of the male trophy is often over-looked. Most sportsmen do not think to save the testes. For good reason, this is not for everyone ... At my restaurant the 'Old Dixie Inn', located in Birch Run, Michigan, we serve this as an appetizer called 'Rocky Mountain Oysters'. The people that know what these delicacies are, probably have hunted out west or the far north. A very good place to get some is a slaughterhouse where they butcher beef and sheep. Just ask them to save them for you. Elk, moose, goat, sheep and buffalo have somewhat large testes. The best way to save these is to remove penis tissue, but leave these attached to carcass until you arrive back to camp. To clean them, first remove from sack, then make a very shallow slit in membrane. Try to work the tough outer skin away without deforming the meat inside. When done, rinse well. Save them in cooler until enough have been saved up to give everyone in camp a taste."

Thanks, Dixie Dave, but I don't think I'll have "a taste"!

I'll tell you what, though, this cookbook is jam-packed with dishes that sound downright amazing. If you're in to game whatsoever, buy it from the page I linked to up above.

And no, our Michigan Cuisine book will not include this recipe. Why? Because Mary and I eat what we cook and take pictures of ...
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On February 21st, 2006 01:35 pm (UTC), lunapiertech commented:
There's a comment on this blog entry that's outside of this environment. To see it, go to: http://msmvps.com/blogs/spywaresucks/archive/2006/02/21/84383.aspx
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On February 22nd, 2006 12:45 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
No thank you! No way, no how!!!

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